Tradewinds – Everywhere for You

by Tim Harris on April 29, 2011

Tradewinds – Everywhere for You

In today’s market, just about every company has a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube account where they buy YouTube likes and views most of the times, to represent their business on social media. It has become a necessity for companies who are building a brand with longevity, and establishing not just sales but, life long customers.

Real estate is an industry in which social media has really taken off as of late. Agents are using these platforms to not only promote their listings but to build relationships and connections to the neighborhoods in which they specialize.

As with the Tradewinds’ other social media initiatives, Facebook will be used to share our weekly inewsletter, videos from the Broker, events of interest in Nova Scotia and to connect with You. We believe that culture is the most important factor around social participation and doing social media right. If you are planning a party, party rentals morristown nj can organize all of this with the best services they are offering.

Recognizing that Facebook has over 600 million users and is now used by 1 in every 11 people on earth, we feel that this is an exciting announcement and are encouraged by the interest already. We know that is certainly not a replacement of the one on one conversation of which we encourage first and foremost, however, we feel that this is one more opportunity for us to celebrate our unique offerings, as well as informing the community of any important information that has happened or is upcoming.

Along with LinkedIn, Twitter, and our Tradewinds Youtube account, our new Facebook page will provide us with one more venue to incorporate social media as a means to connect with the Nova Scotia community and speaks to our strong commitment to 21st century learning at Tradewinds.

To become a fan of the Tradewinds Facebook page, search for Tradewinds Realty Nova Scotia on Facebook.

For more information on Tradewinds Realty, please visit our website.

Tradewinds Realty represents a wide selection of waterfront, oceanfront and ocean-view real estate as well as residential, business and land real estate.

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