Checklist A – Important things to do before listing a house for sale

by Tim Harris on October 23, 2006

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A checklist of items to consider doing from the perspective of a Realtor.

One of a series of articles on real estate topics. All of the authors of “Speaking of Real Estate …” articles are full-time REALTORS® who work at Tradewinds Realty Inc. at one of our locations in Nova Scotia.

Checklist A – Important things to do before listing a house for sale
By Lynn Stewart and Paul Crocker, REALTORS®

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Exterior repairs and touch-ups:

  • Repaint or replace your mailbox. Mail boxes seldom age well, but they are a prominent part of the view at the front door that greets potential buyers.
  • Clean and tidy up the garage/carport. (Plan on making a few trips to the dump.)
  • Repair and/or paint eavestroughs, downspouts and soffits.
  • Refinish the front door and polish any door brass.
  • Grease the rollers on the garage door(s) and make sure that they work properly. Buyers often open these doors to make sure that they do – in fact – open. We recommend you get excellent garage door repair services around San Bernardino county cities.
  • Replace all cracked or broken window panes. Thermal window panes (the ones with two sheets of glass with a sealed insulating air space between them) often age badly, with the seal failing and admitting humid air which usually results in condensation or “fogging” between the panes. These should be replaced with new inserts because they project an image of an ageing and neglected residence.
  • If necessary, repaint the exterior and interior window frames and trim.
  • Make sure that the doorbell is in good working order.
  • Replace any warped/cracked/missing roof shingles in Orlando.
  • Make sure the house civic (street) number is visible and give it a fresh coat of paint if appropriate.
  • Replace worn or noticeably faded exterior doormats with new ones.
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Interior repairs and touch-ups:

  • Repair and paint cracks/holes/dents in walls and wood trim. (Use plastic wood or wallboard filler.)
  • Consider painting (or removing some) kitchen cupboard doors to give them a lighter appearance and replace handles to give the kitchen a more contemporary appearance.
  • Ensure that all door knobs and cupboard latches are tight.
  • Repair leaky sink/shower fawcets and toilets with the help of a local Sydney plumber, you can read these granite sink reviews to get some ideas.
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs.
  • Oil squeaky door hinges.
  • Repair/replace seals or caulking around bathtubs, showers and get you the only choice for copper sinks here.
  • Have the carpets professionally cleaned if they are dirty or stained, a service like carpet cleaning las vegas that know exactly how to manage these issues.

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